30 things we need to see in The Walking Dead Season 7B

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12. Rosita finally gets a taste of vengeance

It’s been a little rough for Rosita Espinosa lately. First, her lover Abraham starts falling for someone else, kicking her to the curb. Still carrying some love for Abe, though, she is devastated to see him pulverized by Negan’s bat. Then when Negan comes back to visit Alexandria for his donation, he strikes again. Rosita’s new potential boyfriend Spencer is gutted like a fish, thanks to the show’s biggest bad guy.

Meanwhile, Rosita has been working on a plan for revenge. No longer caring about her own life or what happens to her, she is determined to do something. Guns are banned from Alexandria under Negan’s orders, but Rosita isn’t submitting. Very soon after, she finds another gun on the outside and keeps it for herself. Making Eugene create a bullet for her is the next piece in her plan.

Seeing Spencer die unleashes what control Rosita had left, and she fires her only bullet at Negan. As luck would (or wouldn’t) have it, Lucille took the bullet instead. One of the Saviors slices up Rosita’s cheek before killing Olivia as a punishment. Poor Rosita’s master plan failed.

After all of that, could we throw some kind of bone in Rosita’s direction? Maybe she won’t get the chance to kill Negan herself. But can she at least cause some damage to the Saviors? She’s paid her dues this season and it’s time to give her something back.