30 things we need to see in The Walking Dead Season 7B

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13. The homemade jail cell is put to good use

For many survivors on the show, it’s shoot first and ask questions later. We’ve seen this philosophy from both heroes and villains on the series. Rick Grimes himself has been guilty of trying to kill people without knowing anything about them. But it’s not like these people don’t have their reasons for getting to that point.

Someone who has turned over a new leaf is definitely Morgan. After losing his son, Morgan did go off the rails quite a bit. It was seeming like he was destined to live alone for the rest of his life. And he would kill anyone who bothered to come his way.

After leaving Georgia, though, Morgan changed. He would find an inner peace and is no longer willing to kill anybody. Even those who wish to harm him, Morgan would spare. He absolutely refuses to take a life unless there is truly no other option. But what else are you supposed to do with dangerous invaders if you can’t kill them?

I think we have an answer. Morgan helped finish building a homemade jail cell in an Alexandria house basement. Now that it’s finished, are we going to see it be put to use?