30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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22. Elsie is also a host, but doesn’t realize it

One of the biggest ongoing theories for Westworld was recently confirmed on the show. This was the idea that Bernard was possibly a host. Despite his investigation into what was really going on behind the scenes, it turns out he was really one of them after all. That work he was doing was never really going to lead him anywhere, as it was part of Ford’s design.

This brings up the question as to what the deal is with Elsie. For starters, we don’t really know anything about her life outside of the park. She also seems pretty young to have such a great spot in this kind of organization as well. What if she were built specifically to have the role that she does in the park? Like Bernard, is she just programmed to look for flaws in the system, which will eventually just be brought to Ford’s attention?

When we last saw Elsie, someone was grabbing her from behind. Was this another host coming to collect her for Ford? Or some of the others taking her to the warehouse? Was this synthetic discovering too much information, and in need of being put out to pasture?