30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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21. DELOS is a map of Dante’s Inferno

At one point in the show, a map of the DELOS Westworld area is shown. Some internet users are comparing its physical resemblance to Dante’s Inferno. So as this theory goes, Mesa is actually purgatory. When people die, their memories are wiped and they’re taken to the park on a train. The further you go inside, the worse the punishments for each person will be. They are essentially choosing their punishments based on the things they’d done in life.

To really cap this one off, you’ve got to add in some more religious references. So to cap off the theory, you must surmise that Dr. Ford is actually the big red devil, Lucifer Satan himself. This mysterious Arnold is then presumably God, who banished Ford, also known as Satan, to forever stay there. That could be why Ford always seems to be hanging around, never leaving, while no vision of Arnold has ever happened.

Who knows what’s really going on with Westworld. But if you’re looking for some kind of biblical or religious explanation, this might suffice for you. The visual similarities between the DELOS map and Dante’s Inferno could be a coincidence, or perhaps there’s something to it.