30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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23. The maze is truly just a dead end and a giant waste of time

As we’ve hinted at a little bit already, that darn maze is one of the show’s greatest mysteries. All we really know is that the Man in Black desperately wants to reach the end of it. But first, he has to find the damn thing. To find more information, he’s just been spending time tormenting the hosts, torturing or mutilating them to find more pieces of the puzzle.

But have you stopped to ask why this maze is not advertised? Why aren’t the folks at Westworld bringing it up to anyone? It’s buried very deep within their world, almost like nobody was ever meant to know about it or somehow find it. The Man in Black could be having so much trouble for the simple fact that he was never supposed to know about the thing in the first place.

Here’s a surprisingly simple way to explain that. Perhaps this is just a glitch in the system, or some kind of a dead end. Maybe it’s just errant code in the park that produced some odd things, such as this map of the maze which doesn’t truly mean anything. Maybe it’s just part of a deleted storyline, as well.