30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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25. Arnold uploaded his consciousness to a supercomputer

Arnold was one of the creators of the park along with Dr. Ford. As Ford himself says, Arnold was a brilliant man who never made mistakes. Theoretically, he’s smart enough to figure out how to upload his actual mind into a computer system. So some fans on the internet are lending credence to a theory that Arnold has transferred his consciousness into the computer systems at Westworld.

Possibly, Arnold was in some kind of danger, maybe even in fear for his life for undisclosed reasons. Maybe he was dying of an illness, or for some other reason. Or it’s possible he just loved the synthetics in the park so much, he wanted to completely incorporate himself into their world. But somehow, some way, Arnold has uploaded his mind into a supercomputer to eternally live in Westworld.

Arnold’s mind could be on one particular supercomputer, perhaps a hidden one somewhere in Westworld. Or it could be spread throughout the entire computer system. If Arnold is controlling the system completely with his mind, he would also be speaking with any of the androids at any time he wants, and will always know what’s going on with every single one of them.