30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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24. Real life celebrities inspire the appearances of the hosts

Westworld has not officially told us at what point in time it takes place. It seems to be at some point in the future, though not too far into the future. It could plausibly be several decades from now, though it doesn’t seem likely it’d be several centuries. Although you never know for sure.

But if the show is taking place in our real life timeline a few decades in the future, it could explain how some of the hosts look. There’s a theory that the creators at Westworld are using celebrities as models to base their hosts on. So all of the hosts you see have been modeled using various actors and actresses, though whether they personally consented to this is unknown.

For example, when creating the Dolores model, the scientists used the actress Evan Rachel Wood as a basis. It’s plausible in the sense that creating completely original and good looking humans would be extremely difficult. You’d think it’d be easier to use real people to mold people on. So then it makes a lot of sense that they’d use real life actors and actresses who have appeared on TV and in feature films.