30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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26. The park is actually completely miniature

One thing we know about Westworld is that its size is incredibly massive. Even people participating in the experience for decades could still not even come close to reaching the end of it. How can these people monitor such a great area so well, keeping perfect tabs on everything that happens? There’s a theory out there that provides an odd explanation for this.

As the hypothesis goes, Westworld is basically just a miniature town. The buildings are essentially all models, and the hosts are like living action figures. Having the giant world consist of nothing but miniature towns and characters would give those monitoring it a much easier time. Indeed, a model town is much easier to look after than miles upon miles of a real life landscape.

But what about the newcomers, the visitors to the park? The simple explanation for that is that everyone who comes to Westworld goes through a shrinking process to get inside. Whether they’re being zapped by a shrink ray, or entering some kind of chamber which decreases their size, they’re shrinking greatly before coming in. It’s like if the guy from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids! perfected his technology and got a job working on Westworld.