30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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28. Arnold is at the middle of this maze, wherever it is

Perhaps that maze isn’t just a design of the park. Maybe it’s the map of a maze which hasn’t yet been discovered. The Man in Black is obviously the visitor who would have had the best shot at finding this mystery. But we also know he hasn’t done so yet, even if he’s getting close. But assuming he does find this maze, what happens from there?

Of course, something has to be at the heart of this thing. Why else would there be such an elaborate maze in the first place? We know that reaching the end is certainly near impossible. But still, there has to be something there. It would be incredibly disappointing if there wasn’t.

One popular theory is that this mysterious Arnold fellow is at the center of the maze. Maybe he’s not really dead, and just has never left the park. Perhaps he’s hidden at the center of this “hidden game”, fairly safe from the world as nobody else can reach him there? We don’t know anything about Arnold, so it’s very believable he could be hidden at the end of the maze. Maybe just waiting for someone to finally find him?