30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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27. Hosts speak to the staff through virtual reality

One of the constants on the series has been the analysis sessions between Bernard and Dolores. Every so often, Bernard would take Dolores aside and ask her some questions. It all had to do with her interactions with others around Westworld. As each meeting occurred, Bernard would always ask if she had talked about her interactions with him with anyone else. She would always deny this.

This raises some questions, however. Some fans are questioning how Dolores could be talking to Teddy in one scene, and then be having an analysis session with Bernard moments later. Why is it happening so fast? Well, there is one theorized explanation fans are offering to provide some understanding.

The theory suggests that the staff talks to the workers through virtual reality. In other words, Bernard isn’t actually taking Dolores back to the lab to interview her. He is really speaking to her through some sort of virtual reality technology. In fact, those meetings may not be happening in person at all, but could just be Bernard (or whoever) talking to the hosts through computer interfaces. It does help explain how Dolores gets to and from her adventures in Westworld so quickly.