30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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29. That mysterious puzzle map is the park’s design

The Man in Black has been working towards discovering new secrets hidden within Westworld ever since first appearing on the show. Every time we see him, we get a new sliver of information. But there’s still so much we don’t know about him, other than that he’s been visiting the park for decades.

One of the Man in Black’s first clues of there being a deeper area to the park was what he found on the scalp of a robot. Apparently, there’s a design that looks an awful lot like a maze. Since then, the man has been trying to figure out what it means. Is it really a maze? If so, where is it? How do you find it, and what’s at the end?

As you can surmise, fans of the show are already guessing. One plausible theory floating around is that the maze is actually the design of the park itself. As nobody knows how big Westworld truly is, the Man in Black couldn’t have scoped the entire area. It’s possible that the maze image is a scaled down version of the park’s overall design. It’s a surprisingly simple answer to a complicated mystery.