30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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7. Dr. Ford killed Arnold and covered it up

We still don’t know what exactly happened with Arnold in Westworld. The only information we’re really given is that some sort of accident happened with him there, killing him. It’s also been vaguely alluded to that Arnold had even committed suicide. So what really happened to him?

One idea is that Dr. Ford murdered Arnold. With the “blood sacrifice” scene where Ford orders Bernard to kill Theresa, we know murder is not beneath him. When it comes to keeping his vision of the park going, Ford will kill whoever stands in his way. So that suggests there’s a good chance he may have killed Arnold.

Arnold and Ford had some differences of opinion before Arnold was “killed”. As Dr. Ford himself was saying, Arnold has lost his perspective. Maybe Arnold was seeing the humanity in these creations, while Ford has always maintained they are nothing more than mindless drones.

If morality was convincing Arnold to have second thoughts about running the park, he could have been pondering shutting it down. That wouldn’t bode well with Dr. Ford, whose life’s dream is keeping Westworld going forever. With Arnold being a liability, Ford could have had him executed. And perhaps he’s still keeping a host clone of him hidden somewhere within Westworld.