30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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8. The Man in Black is a host gone haywire

Basic math can make fans of the series think about this one right away. The Man in Black, still going without an actual name to put to his face, mentioned something curious. He says he’s been going to the park for 30 years. That’s funny, because it is also mentioned on the show that there was some sort of catastrophe which rocked Westworld 30 years ago. Is it just a coincidence that the Man in Black started there at the same time this tragedy nearly destroyed the park?

For this theory to work, the MiB would have been one of the original hosts, with a metal endoskeleton. We learned that these original models were recalled with softer androids who were more vulnerable to bullets which could kill them, but were harmless to humans. So if the MiB were one of these original bots, it would explain why they can’t hurt him, but he can kill any of them.

For whatever reason, the MiB is a rogue host who has evolved his own consciousness after several decades roaming free. He’s off the radar for most of the park’s employees, but Ford is obviously keeping tabs on him. Maybe Ford knows he’s a host, but is interested to see how far this creation can go.