30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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6. Westworld takes place soon before or right after an apocalypse

The primary purpose of Westworld isn’t entirely clear. Some people have their explanations, though everyone seems to have an agenda. Westworld is presented as an elaborate resort for rich people to live out their biggest desires in the Wild West. But what if that’s just a ruse for a much bigger purpose?

There’s a theory out there that an impending apocalypse is on the horizon. Preparing for the worst, the government (pick which one) is running Westworld as a test for evolving artificial humans. If a great chunk of the population is going to be wiped out for whatever reason, this could be a contingency plan to repopulate the planet. Even the hosts developing sentience could be part of the overall plan to make them more human.

Another version of this story is slightly different with the same idea. This one could be that Westworld was built directly after an apocalypse. The government could have turned to developing the robots at Westworld as a way to test them out before creating an entire species of artificial humans. I guess that’d be one way to repopulate the earth, but is it the most efficient?