30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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14. Wyatt is actually Arnold, and Ford wants Teddy to kill him

This sounds a bit crazy at first, but then ends up making a lot of sense. As you may recall, Dr. Ford gave Teddy Flood some new “storylines” to flesh out his character. This gave him an apparent backstory where the tangled with an arch-nemesis known only as Wyatt. Teddy’s new programming makes him hellbent on bringing vengeance to this Wyatt person, whoever he is.

Some evidence to support the idea includes how Teddy remembers his confrontation with Wyatt. Teddy seems to recall (according to his newly uploaded memories) a slaughter perpetrated by Wyatt. It is very similar to the events which occurred three decades earlier, the big tragedy which nearly closed Westworld.

You can also consider the other things Teddy says about Wyatt. He talks about Wyatt claiming how this land belongs to him. Could that have been the words of Arnold referring to creating the park? There’s still a lot about this Wyatt that makes him so mysterious.

Perhaps Dr. Ford has given Teddy these new memories and a mission of killing Wyatt as a way to take care of Arnold. If Arnold is alive and still in the park somewhere, and still at odds with Ford, this could be a possibility.