30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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15. There are no humans left whatsoever, everyone’s artificial

We can have fun discussing the various characters on the show. It’s difficult at times to tell who’s really human and who’s just another one of the hosts. There can be cases made for all of them, really. We’ve talked about a couple already, and we’ll surely be examining a couple more before the end of this list.

But here’s one which really takes the idea and knocks it out of the park. What if EVERYBODY was fake? From the hosts to the guests to the staff and everyone in between. Could it be that every single person we see on the series isn’t real at all?

This insane theory suggests that humans have died out for whatever reason. Perhaps the hosts really did become sentient and end up destroying them. Or they just died away for some other reason. But the hosts continue to eternally live on in an endless loop.

It’s humorous to think about this one. It would mean that the hosts are all just playing each other. Some of them think they’re becoming more aware and investigating some of the Westworld mysteries. But it’s all just a case of computers tricking each other to keep the endless loop going.