30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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13. Theresa could have been a total stoner

We’re probably not going to be seeing Theresa much on the show any more. You know, on account of her discovering Bernard to be a host and dying in the process. It’s seemingly put an end to the character’s run on Westworld. But before we say goodbye, we’ll look at the solitary “theory” surrounding the character, and it has nothing to do with the park or the hosts.

There’s a humorous theory suggesting that Theresa was apparently a pothead. You’ve probably noticed her nearly chain smoking while on the series. She goes for a smoke break at pretty much every opportunity. That isn’t so strange in and of itself, people smoke, I suppose.

But in the digital age of HD TV, we can get a better look at all of the tiny details we see on the screen. This includes a close-up of one of the “cigarettes” in Theresa’s mouth at one point in the show. Some fans have blown this up and pointed out the color of the plant in the smoke. It’s clearly a greenish color, and not the brown appearance of tobacco.

So, this theory, admittedly completely unrelated to the plot, suggests that Theresa had been smoking marijuana cigarettes this whole time.