30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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19. The mysterious Arnold is actually Dr. Ford’s father

Again with this Arnold guy. Naturally, many of the theories about the show are going to involve this mysterious co-creator of the park. We keep hearing his name, but we never really see him. All we know is that he’s gone now, and most of his story has remained a complete mystery.

But eagle eyed viewers of Westworld caught something which may provide a hint towards Arnold’s identity. Think back to when Bernard located a secret house containing robotic reproductions of Dr. Ford’s family. Ford had told Bernard that this synthetic family was given to him by Arnold as gifts.

What’s important is the appearance of the father of the family. Does he look familiar? Try to recall when Dr. Ford first showed a picture of himself as a young man with Arnold, mentioning that Arnold had since been taken out of the history books. In that picture, “Arnold” is a dead ringer for the robotic father in the secret house. Are they the same person? If so, this proves that Arnold is, in fact, Dr. Ford’s father.

If you look at the picture and compare it to the robot, it seems to be the same person.