30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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18. Westworld is actually located in Antarctica

We’ve previously discussed if Westworld may actually be taking place on another planet. Whether it’s Mars, Uranus, or Jupiter, some fans don’t feel that Earth is where the series is unfolding. But others are considering that explanation to be a bit too sci-fi, and are coming up with other theories for the real location of the park.

One convincing theory is that Westworld is located in the remote location of Antarctica. There are some curious bits of evidence which might support this case. This includes how the first two numbers to open Maive’s safe are 60 and 47. These are the latitude and longitude coordinates of an area in Antarctica. Could she have been referring to their location?

It’s also been pointed out that a bottle of whiskey shown had the name Casey on it. There is apparently a “Casey Station” in Antarctica which supposedly shares similar coordinates to the aforementioned numbers. So are the hosts hinting at the location of the park through these subtle hints? Are they really located in Antarctica?

Admittedly, this one requires some stretching of believability to accept. After all, shouldn’t it be extremely cold there if this were the case? But if this takes place in the future, and if global warming is much more serious than any of us thought, then it could be possible.