30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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20. Westworld is located on another planet in the galaxy

It’s unclear where exactly Westworld is located. It’s obviously got to be somewhere very remote and far removed from civilization. There are never any airplanes flying overhead, or any indication of the outside world. So it’s still anybody’s guess as to where this place even is.

One popular theory provides a reason for never seeing any planes or any other people whatsoever. That’s the idea that Westworld is actually on another planet. Now, this would assume that sometime in the future when the park is created, living on other planets is sustainable. Space travel would have to have been perfected, and at least one other planet will have to have been modified to allow for life to thrive.

There’s not much else to support this theory, other than that it makes the show seem just a bit more sci-fi. We’re not understanding how this place could function on Earth, so some of us are thinking, why not set it somewhere else in space? What if getting to Westworld required a trip through the galaxy, as opposed to just taking a plane or a helicopter somewhere? Who know the real answer, but it’s interesting to think about.