The Walking Dead Season 7, episode 4: Most shocking moments

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2. The Saviors take every bed in Alexandria… and burn them

Maybe I can understand why Negan’s people would take away all of the guns. You don’t want these defiant Alexandrians fighting back. Disarming them seems safe on the part of the Saviors, even if it leaves very little for the settlement to defend themselves with should walkers or other raiders happen to stumble in.

But apparently the Saviors are real dicks. They take the mattresses out of all of the houses as well, carting them away in their trucks. This leaves everyone forced to lay out blankets and pillows on the ground to sleep on. I guess Negan wants everyone in town to develop bad backs.

There’s a kicker, though, which shows just how terrible the Saviors are. Michonne heads out on her own to reflect, and notices the smoke from a recent fire in the distance. She approaches to find a large pile of burnt mattresses left by the Saviors. So, these guys didn’t even take the beds for themselves; they burned them so that nobody could use them.

Killing Glenn and Abraham was an awful thing to do. But burning people’s beds just for the heck of it? Now they’re crossing a line.