The Walking Dead Season 7, episode 4: Most shocking moments

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1. Rick finally confesses he knows Judith isn’t his

Ever since finding out about Lori’s pregnancy in Season 2, we’ve been questioning the paternity. Shane and Lori were hooking up regularly before Rick found them again. Very soon after Rick’s return, Lori discovers she is knocked up. The math would suggest that Shane is more likely the father.

But is Rick aware of this? Certainly, he should have a clue. It was obvious to the other members of the group. Daryl even affectionately referred to the child as “Little Shane” one time. But Rick himself doesn’t bring that up, and seemingly had never had that thought in the front of his mind.

Apparently, however, Rick’s not as clueless as some of us were thinking. In a conversation with Michonne, he opens up about Shane. He tells her about his friend and former partner, who was sleeping with Lori at the start of the outbreak. Rick also finally straight up admits that he knows Judith is Shane’s, and not his.

Even though Judy is Shane’s baby, however, that doesn’t mean Rick has given up on her. As he tells Michonne, he accepted the fact because he had to. He is raising her as his own anyway, so the little girl can survive. It’s sad to know this fact has apparently always haunted Rick in the back of his mind. But it’s good that he was able to do the right thing and care for the child anyway.

Will next week’s episode of The Walking Dead be just as shocking? We’ll have to wait and see. New episodes air Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.