The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 2: Most shocking moments

The Walking Dead (Photo: Gene Page/AMC)
The Walking Dead (Photo: Gene Page/AMC) /
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The Walking Dead (Photo: Gene Page/AMC)
The Walking Dead (Photo: Gene Page/AMC) /

2. King Ezekiel catches Carol stealing from the Kingdom

Carol makes it clear to Morgan right away that she isn’t comfortable in the Kingdom. She tells him straight up that as soon as she gets her opportunity, she is taking off. There’s something about the place that just drives her crazy, and she quickly plans her escape.

From the comfort of her wheelchair, Carol starts taking what she needs. She grabs a knife left unattended on a table. When nobody’s looking, she swipes some fresh clothes from the laundry. And just for good measure, she takes someone’s chocolate bar.

Morgan discovers Carol missing from her room, realizing her plans to leave. Soon after, King Ezekiel finds her in the garden, stealing an apple. He recognizes her plans to leave, and insists that first they should have a chat.

Alone, Zeke tells Carol he’s not buying her innocent act. He knows she’s taken out Saviors because she had one of their guns. In return, Carol says she’s not buying the “fairy tale” that is the Kingdom. Zeke drops the royal talk and explains that the fantasy is what gives the people there hope. By going over the top with the good, he is merely trying to counteract all of the bad.

Given all the awful people we see on The Walking Dead, it’s interesting to see someone so overly positive.