The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 2: Most shocking moments

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1. Carol gets her own new house near the Kingdom

After a long talk, Carol and Zeke do seem to understand one another a lot more. The King respects Carol’s wishes to leave the Kingdom, however, he doesn’t want her gone. So he comes up with a compromise for her to “go, but not go”.

Carol is taken to a house (complete with a front yard cemetery) not far away. She will stay here, her own private spot, so she doesn’t have to feel trapped inside the fantasy world. But she’ll still be close enough that she doesn’t have to be alone, either. Carol kills and buries the lone walker inside, settling in rather quickly to the quaint new home.

That first night, Carol builds a fire and hears a knock at the door. The sounds of the tiger growling outside oddly put her at ease, as she knows right away who’s there. She opens the door, and there is the King and his pet. He offers her some fruit and it appears she is finally ready to accept Ezekiel, and lets him in.

It also seems the seeds are being planted for a romance between Carol and Ezekiel. I say why not? Carol is already the queen of the show, if you ask me. They might as well turn her into a literal queen as well.

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