30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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25. Maher scrutinizes the GOP’s sudden interest in the middle class

The vanishing middle class of America has long been a problem. Bernie Sanders put a lot of focus on the issue during the Democratic primaries and it’s getting more attention in the media. It has typically been a topic to avoid for politicians, but now even the Republicans are forced to finally address the issue.

On Real Time, Bill Maher tells us to prepare to hear the phrase “middle class economics” from politicians an awful lot in the near future. It seems especially peculiar coming from the right after years of denying the problem. And Maher can’t help but laugh at the hypocrisy in that. The host says how the Republican motto about how a “rising tide lifts all boats” is “easy to say when you’re on the yacht”.

Here’s what is interesting about the middle class. It was created by socialism, as revealed by Maher on the show. While we can argue about whether we should go back to socialism, it can’t be disputed that it’s what created the middle class in the first place. So considering how the GOP treats socialism as if it’s by far the most horrible thing in the world, it’s funny to see them talking up the middle class.