30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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26. The GOP doesn’t seem to care about Trump groping women

By now, you’ve heard about the infamous leaked audio of Donald Trump and Billy Bush. In the clip, Trump brags about groping women without permission. He boasts about kissing them on the mouth without asking, as well as literally grabbing them by the, well, you know. It’s been one of the most humiliating scandals so far for the Republican nominee.

As you can imagine, this has put the entire GOP into disarray. Some of them are now quick to jump off the Trump train. But surprisingly (or perhaps not), most of them are staying on board. The GOP is mostly downplaying the leaked conversation, with Maher now joking that the GOP stands for “grabbing our p-ssies”.

“We believe in the right of every American to feel up strangers,” Maher imagines the Republican party saying. By accepting Trump’s comments as not being a big deal, they might as well be saying that. Maher brings up other creepy instances of Trump behaviors. This includes freely walking into models’ dressing rooms, or telling a 14 year old he’d be dating her in “a few years”. It’s all a horrifying display of disgusting behavior, and it’s shameful for the GOP to support it.