30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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24. Maher introduces the 2016 Billionaire Buyers Guide

The RNC has a bit of a problem during the primaries. Their field of potential nominees seemed to include practically every Republican politician. As some billionaires like to control elections by throwing tremendous amounts of money to back certain politicians, this was likely to confuse them. So, enter Bill Maher, who does them the favor of creating the 2016 Billionaire Buyers Guide on Real Time.

Starting at the bottom with Rick Perry, Maher goes through the GOP representatives. He talks about their strengths and weaknesses. This rapid fire through the list is a very entertaining way for Maher to take down each one of the politicians. He sarcastically jokes about what it is about these guys billionaire backers could get behind.

Ben Carson is one of the worst recipients of Maher’s ranting. He points out many of the insane statements made by Carson, such as claiming the Affordable Care Act is the worst thing to happen to America since slavery. He also says Obama is going to cancel the 2016 election and start martial law. Maher suggests Carson should get the brain tools back out, put a mirror over his face, and start working on his own noggin.