30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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4. Maher exposes Donald Trump’s most ridiculous complaint of all

Donald Trump is not known for watching his language. He’s very outspoken and all of us have heard him say some terrible things at some point. Foul language shouldn’t be an issue to him whatsoever, or so you would think. But Trump is apparently willing to use anything he can to complain, even if it is very hypocritical.

That brings us to a segment on Real Time where Bill Maher brings up the silliest complaint of all from the Donald. He condemned a news outlet for using foul language, and suggested he “wouldn’t use that word” himself. As if Trump has never, ever said any kind of curse word. This is very easy to prove wrong, as Maher does.

A compilation of video clips is then shown of Trump swearing like a sailor at his own rallies. There is no word off limits, and in the uncensored clip, nothing is left to imagination. It proves Trump’s comments about being offended by dirty language to be perhaps the dumbest 180 of all of the Republican nominee’s flip flops. But it’s just another thing that the GOP ignores about their choice for the President of the United States.