30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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5. Maher proves how capitalism is inferior to socialism

2016 has been a very interesting year for the presidential election. Bernie Sanders, who refers to himself as a Democratic socialist, has been the most popular candidate in the polls, despite later coming up short. This really sent Republicans scrambling, as they’ve been preaching the dangers of socialism for many years. Citizens have been trained to associate the word as being something extremely horrible, so how was this Democratic socialist gaining so much momentum?

It turns out, Americans are already more socialist than the GOP wants to admit. For as much as they suggest that just a little bit of socialism would spiral into an all out disaster, but Bill Maher says on Real Time that the opposite is true. It’s capitalists like Donald Trump which are really hurting the country.

Capitalism is a shark, says Maher, and the newest thing it wants to consume is the national parks. These locations are deep in debt, and capitalism may be taking control of it— which means that will be the end of that. Bison will have Nike symbols shaved into them, and the Statue of Liberty will be sponsored by a douche company. Capitalism seems to destroy anything it touches.