30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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3. Maher shows how Trump won the debate… for the wrong reasons

People had been waiting a long time for the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. These would be the final debates leading up to naming the next leader of the country. The first debate needed to make an impression, and both candidates came out swinging. And, as you can expect, Trump turned out to be a disaster.

While Hillary basically would sell her qualities which make her a suitable commander in chief, Trump complains about Rosie O’Donnell. And that’s just one of Donald’s many whines that night. He basically acts like a child having a tantrum, literally interrupting Clinton over fifty times. Maher jokes that Clinton should have shushed him and replied that mommy was talking.

There’s also rumors of Trump doing cocaine before the event. He was sniffling nonstop throughout the debate. Maher jokes that while Clinton got a bump after the debate, Trump seems to have gotten one beforehand. Either that, or he’s allergic to facts. Further proof, Maher says, is that Donald crashes about thirty minutes into the debate.

All in all, Trump did very little to make the GOP look good that particular evening.