30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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6. ‘Do This, Not That Day’  compares Obama and Bush

On an episode of Real Time, Bill Maher takes George W. Bush to task by using Romper Room as an analogy to compare him to Obama. What this is, is an educational video which used to bore schoolchildren into naps in “the days before Ritalin”. There were two bees who did opposite things. Do Bee was always trying to do what was right in any given situation. Don’t Bee was the screw-up, always making the wrong choice and causing trouble.

Between Barack Obama and George W. Bush, which bees do you think Maher assigns to each of the two? Well, for starters, Bush invaded the wrong country in a moment of panic after 9/11. Meanwhile, Obama was the one who would later actually take out the person allegedly responsible. For a lot of the messes Bush has made, Obama is usually cleaning them up.

Maher then goes through a long list of actions made by both presidents, comparing them together. Obama doesn’t escape totally unscathed either, with a joke about wire tapping brought into the mix. But by and large, he’s certainly the Do Bee compared to Bush’s Don’t Bee.