30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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18. Maher proves Donald Trump is the “white Kanye”

In mid 2015, Trump was rising the polls to be the Republican nominee. As baffling as this might have been to many people, there was no denying Trump’s popularity. Bill Maher was discussing this on Real Time with his guests, and how baffling this situation really was.

What is it that people liked so much about Donald Trump? Maher points out that he never apologizes and never cops up to when he’s wrong. He stands by everything he says, no matter how crazy or ludicrous they might be. To sum it up, Maher says that Trump is essentially “the white Kanye”.

The panel spends the episode bashing the absurdity of the situation. Clips of some of Donald’s most outlandish statements are played, and Maher explains how incredibly stupid they are. In some cases, it’s not just stupidity, but outright racism. Or just examples of being a terrible person altogether. All in all, there’s nothing to suggest this guy would be great for president.

Still, Maher knew Trump wasn’t going anywhere. The other panelists theorize that Trump won’t be in the picture long, but Maher sadly realizes that Trump’s candidacy is inevitable. And this video shows that Maher will have known all along.