30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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17. Maher shows how Republicans only care about issues when it affects them

The GOP doesn’t typically have a reputation for having empathy for others. Bill Maher jokes on Real Time that this is because Republicans are lacking the “empathy gene”. For the most part, it seems like helping others is the last thing many Republicans would want to do… unless it affects them directly.

This doesn’t sit well with Maher at all. He talks about how they only show their humane side when it hits them “in their own home”. As an example, Dick Cheney is a big supporter of gay marriage, unlike most of his GOP buddies— but only because his daughter is a homosexual. It seems very likely Cheney would be against gay marriage if it he wasn’t so closely linked to it.

For another good example, Maher talks about Ronald Reagan only caring about AIDS once a friend had gotten it and why his wife Nancy only cared about Alzheimer’s after it afflicted Ronald. These are just a few of many examples Maher provides on the show. You can only seem to get Republican support on any given issue as long as it affects them personally somehow.