30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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19. When Bernie Sanders speaks, Republicans hear something totally different

Republicans sure seem to hate the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, make no mistake about it. But the runner-up, Bernie Sanders, has long been a thorn in their side as well. Well into Bernie’s nearly successful presidential campaign, he became a bigger pain for the GOP with his newfound exposure in the press. Surely they didn’t like how he brought to light so many terrible things the Republicans were up to.

So, to go on the defensive, Republicans needed to do something. The response was to just act like Bernie was saying something different than what he actually was. He’ll say one thing, and they’ll respond as if he said something entirely different. And Bill Maher loved bringing this up on his HBO talk show Real Time.

Nothing demonstrates this better than comparison videos. To oblige, Maher literally plays clips of what Bernie actually said, followed by how the GOP presumably hears it. For example, Bernie talking about how he has a D- rating given by the NRA translates to the democratic socialist saying that rifles are for “men with small penises”. This is followed by a comment of Bernie saying he wants to confiscate all guns in America.