30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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20. Maher has several new rules for the GOP to take note of

Sometimes, the GOP gives Bill Maher so much material to work with that it’s hard to hit on everything. As the gaffes pile up, less time can be allotted to each particular one. On one edition of Real Time with Bill Maher, the talk show host tackles this by doing a rapid fire of “new rules” for the GOP, to touch on different silly things they were focusing on at the time.

For starters, the issue of allowing transgendered individuals into their bathroom of choice is brought up. A conservative voter is shown demanding that no men be allowed into women’s bathrooms. Maher surmises that this man’s name is most likely Dale, and he presents the guy with the first ever annual Urinal Cake of Freedom award.

Next, Maher shows Jeb Bush’s campaign sign, which features his first name followed by an exclamation point. Maher alters this with something more accurate by changing the exclamation to an emoji of a sad face. This was when Bush’s campaign was going down in flames.

Many other Republican personalities feel the roast of Maher. John Kasich, Ben Carson, and Donald Trump are all featured in the bit. It’s a hilarious nonstop roasting of many GOP faults.