30 most shocking South Park moments ever

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28. South Park kills off a boy with cancer

The episode “Stanley’s Cup” was a spoof on The Mighty Ducks, only much more depressing. Like the movie it’s based on, the premise is having a coach lead an unskilled hockey team to victory. This isn’t quite what happens in the actual episode.

Stan Marsh finds himself as the coach of a pee wee hockey team. He learns one of them is dying of cancer. Stan bonds with the child, especially as the young boy grows sicker. He grows too weak to play, asking someone else to play the game in his place. The team ties their next game, and the kid’s condition remains stagnant. It appears he will only get better if the hockey team wins.

Problems prevent the team’s opponents from being able to play, however. That’s when the NHL team the Avalanche does something “nice” by sitting out their last quarter against the Red Wings. The pee wee team plays the game against the Red Wings, but the pro team doesn’t take it easy on them.  The Red Wings demolish the little boys by 30 points, injuring many of them in the process.

Shortly before the episode ends, the young boy with cancer sees the loss on television. He dies seconds later with no resolution.