30 most shocking South Park moments ever

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27. Cartman drinks Kenny’s ashes

“A Ladder to Heaven” is a season 6 episode of South Park which remains one of the most unique. In the episode, Kenny dies, as he is wont to do. But before passing away, Kenny wins a toy shopping spree, and only he knows where the winning stub is located. The boys then grow very desperate to find out where he put it.

The boys have never heard about cremation. They steal Kenny’s urn expecting to find his body, to take the ticket from it. But all they find inside are ashes. Cartman in particular assumes these ashes to be a chocolate milk powder. He mixes it with milk and drinks Kenny’s remains, replacing it with cat litter.

All of them start building a ladder to heaven with the hope of seeing Kenny again. They merely want to ask him for the winning ticket back. But all of the adults are touched by the story, and it becomes a media circus. Alan Jackson shows up to do a new country song about it, which parodies the 9/11 song he performs in real life.

Drinking Kenny’s ashes gives Cartman access to his dead friend’s memories, and this is how he finds out where the ticket really is.