30 most shocking South Park moments ever

South Park - Photo: Comedy Central
South Park - Photo: Comedy Central /
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Tonsil Trouble - South Park - Photo: Comedy Central
Tonsil Trouble – South Park – Photo: Comedy Central /

29. Cartman purposely infects Kyle with HIV

AIDS is certainly not a laughing matter. But it was the subject of a season 12 episode of South Park. On the show, characters refer to AIDS as a “retro” disease. With cancer taking over as the new most feared disease, the joke is nobody cares about HIV and AIDS victims anymore.

The episode “Tonsil Trouble” starts with Cartman contracting HIV. This occurs through receiving infected blood while getting his tonsils removed. Hardly anyone seems to feel bad for him, but nobody is celebrating more than Kyle. The irony is far too beautiful for Cartman’s worst enemy.

But as we all know, Cartman hates being ridiculed. With the help of Butters, Cartman sneaks into Kyle’s room at night. He fills a syringe with his own infected blood, and secretly injects it into Kyle’s mouth. The plan works and Kyle soon finds himself also a victim of the virus.

Although bitter enemies, Kyle and Cartman work together to find the cure. They visit Magic Johnson and discover the key lies in the huge piles of cash the basketball star sleeps around. Excessive amounts of money becomes the official cure to AIDS by the end of the episode.