30 most shocking South Park moments ever

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9. South Park obliterates Family Guy and its writing staff

There are some things South Park and Family Guy have in common. Each are adult-themed cartoons constantly managing to offend people. You’d think they’d make natural allies, but a feud between them existed in 2006. Shots were fired when South Park aired the two-part “Cartoon Wars” episodes in its tenth season.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone wanted to satirize the controversy in showing Muhammad on television. They were using Family Guy as a vehicle to do this on the show, with the FOX cartoon planning to show Muhammad in a segment. South Park residents literally bury their heads in the sand out of fear of terrorist revenge.

But it’s really not the Muhammad controversy which is what most fans remember “Cartoon Wars” for. Rather, it’s the treatment of Family Guy which had people talking. Parker and Stone heavily blast the Seth MacFarlane show for its lazy writing and reliance on gag humor. South Park stresses that all Family Guy does is mix random pop culture references, which doesn’t constitute good writing.

Even The Simpsons join South Park in taking down Family Guy. Bart Simpson himself shows up to offer his assistance. Although, he quickly leaves when he realizes he’s not quite the bad boy Eric Cartman is.