30 most shocking South Park moments ever

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8. A Virgin Mary statue starts her period

The primary focus of the “Bloody Mary” episode of South Park deals with Randy’s alcoholism. He drives drunk and loses his license, attending AA meetings to work on getting it back. He comes to believe his alcoholism is an incurable disease and that there’s nothing he can do to stop it. So, he no longer even tries to stop drinking.

Soon after, a statue of the Virgin Mary starts bleeding “out its ass”. Seeing this as a miracle, this convinces Randy that the blood may cure him. He rushes to the spectacle and the secreting blood blasts him. He winds up completely coated in blood. Randy abstains from alcohol after this, believing himself to be better.

But when the Pope checks it out for himself, he sees a problem. He says the blood is actually menstrual blood, as Mary must simply be on her period. Thus, nobody sees the blood as a miracle any longer, as women have periods “all the time”. Randy then realizes he wasn’t miraculously cured after all.

But Stan reminds his father that if God didn’t help him, then Randy did it all by himself. The episode ends with the two discussing how much alcohol would be appropriate, with moderation being the lesson here.