30 most shocking South Park moments ever

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South Park (Image: Comedy Central)
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10. Randy Marsh shouts the “N-word” on live television

Do you remember when Seinfeld star Michael Richards’ career came to an end? It was in 2007 following a stand-up performance at The Laugh Factory. African-American hecklers were irritating Richards, prompting him to fly into a rage. He goes into a vicious tirade stuffed with racial slurs, saying some truly horrible things. He later apologizes to Jesse Jackson for damage control, but he never quite recovers from the incident.

This is the backdrop for the season 11 opener of South Park called “With Apologies to Jesse Jackson”. The show starts with Stan’s dad Randy as a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. He’s dominating the game, culminating in a bonus round. For the category of “People Who Annoy You”, Randy narrows the puzzle down to “N_GGERS.” As the clock winds down, Randy blurts out the highly offensive N-word before learning the correct answer is actually “naggers”.

Randy becomes infamous after this major mistake. As with Richards in real life, Randy is even forced to apologize. But in the show, Jesse Jackson only accepts the apology as long as Randy kisses his buttocks first. The disgraced comic Michael Richards himself also shows up to lend Randy his support.