30 most shocking South Park moments ever

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20. Cartman gets, uh, frisky with a dog

Sometimes, you know right away if an episode is going to be offensive. You should expect the season 5 episode “Proper Condom Use” to be offensive, based on its title alone. But it’s even worse than you think, as the show proves in its opening segment.

Cartman, overly excited, tells Stan and Kyle to tag along to Kenny’s house. He has a “trick” he wants to show them, using Kenny’s dog to demonstrate. Cartman says the phrase “red rocket”, and proceeds to literally masturbate the canine. This disgusts all of the viewers of the show, but the children don’t seem to understand what is happening.

Stan doesn’t know what happened, but he thinks it’s “cool”. Not realizing its sexual nature, he demonstrates the same thing with his own family. This gets him grounded for nearly a year, and he is left to simply wonder why.

Apparently, none of the parents are teaching sex education to their children. They feel the school system should be teaching these lessons instead. The rest of the episode involves unqualified faculty members attempting to teach the young kids about sex. Basically, there’s hardly a second that goes by in the episode which isn’t offensive.