30 most shocking South Park moments ever

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19. A surprising guest at Satan’s birthday party

“Hell on Earth 2006” is a season 10 episode of South Park which spoofs My Super Sweet 16. That reality show often depicts spoiled, entitled brats whining when their extravagant parties encounter minor problems. In this spoof, Satan is the one having a sweet party, and it’s taking place in Hell (on Earth).

In his efforts to make the party as wicked as possible, Satan hires three notorious murderers. Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and Jeffrey Dahmer are resurrected back to Earth by the devil. Their mission? The killers must acquire a Ferrari cake for Satan, but their murderous antics ultimately destroy it.

But it’s not Satan or the three murderers which caused the most controversy here. Rather, a throwaway joke in mid-episode fans consider to be the most offensive part. Recently deceased celebrity Steve Irwin arrives at the party with a stingray hanging out of his chest. This mocks his real life death, in which the cheerful TV star was killed by a stingray in a freak accident.

Irwin had only been dead for a matter of weeks when this episode aired. It “devastated” his widow and many viewers consider it to be in very poor taste.