30 most shocking South Park moments ever

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21. South Park dives deep into the Mormon religion

The creators of South Park find humor in religion, but they seem to enjoy one most of all. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been blasting Mormons for many years. Parker plays a Mormon superhero in the feature film Orgazmo, released many years ago. And lately, they’re enjoying success with the Broadway show The Book of Mormon.

But it might be an episode of South Park in its seventh season which touches on Mormons the best. “All About Mormons” tackles the religion when a Mormon family moves into South Park. Trey Parker satirizes the way he remembers Mormon families from his youth, with their impossibly chipper attitudes. And it goes deep into Joseph Smith and the whole story behind the religion.

In the episode, the Mormons move Stan and they influence his beliefs. He nearly becomes a Mormon himself. But in the end, he can’t believe what they do without the empirical evidence to support it. He goes off on the family and leaves, never to return.

But the young boy in the family, Gary, isn’t letting Stan off that easy. He confronts him the next day and cusses him out, earning some praise in the process from Cartman.