30 times Stephen Colbert embarrassed Donald Trump

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23. Trump’s criticism of Hillary playing the woman card

We’ve all heard Donald Trump accuse Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton of playing the “woman card”. According to Trump, this card is all Clinton has, and if she wasn’t a woman, she would hardly be getting any votes at all. As if there has never been a man with that same name, as late night host Stephen Colbert himself pointed out on The Late Show.

To contrast Trump’s sexist comments about this supposed woman card, Colbert wanted to look at things from the other point of view. He produced from his pocket something labeled as a “man card”, and talked on the show about what that meant. To further show how ridiculous Trump’s statements were, Colbert explained at length the perks of having a man card over having a woman card, and if that really was what was better to have.

“Donald can say all this because he is playing something called “the man card”. All of us guys get one of these, okay? They’re great. Gets you paid more, allows you to explain things to women about women, and as a white man, mine’s also a get out of jail free card.”

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