30 times Stephen Colbert embarrassed Donald Trump

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24. Trump’s grade school bully insults

As an opponent of Donald Trump going through the Republican primaries, John Kasich would find himself the subject of many scathing attacks. Trump enjoyed roasting everyone who opposed him, and will apparently grasp at anything he can to try to make fun of others for.

While campaigning, Kasich had made several stops at restaurants to eat pizza, sandwiches, and other assorted foods. He had no qualms with eating in front of the press, which saw videos of him eating televised— and it apparently had upset Trump.

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert played a video from a Trump rally where the presidential hopeful talked about how the way Kasich ate food was “disgusting”. Rather than leave it at one comment, Trump went on and on about this trivial issue. It made Colbert wonder this out loud:

“These attacks on eating habits… really miss the days when the candidates stuck to issues of substance, like the size of their hands or their penises.”

That last part is obviously referring to the time when Trump literally spoke about the size of his genitals during his presidential campaign. And here he is saying Kasich’s eating habits are “disgusting”?

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