30 most scorching Jon Stewart takedowns of Republicans

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26. Stewart debunks conservative media’s climate change “debunking”

In January of 2014, American were experiencing some extreme levels of cold due to a polar vortex. As the topic of climate change is commonly discussed by Democrats and liberals, Republicans are naturally against it, trying desperately to disprove the notion at any and every opportunity. These cold temperatures were enough to convince them to go full throttle with their claims that global warming is a myth.

Jon Stewart brought this up on The Daily Show, first talking about how it was great that nobody was bringing politics into this— sarcastically, of course. In fact, he showed a montage of several Republicans talking about how experiencing those cold temperatures for a weekend has officailly proven climate change to be a hoax. “All this snow, and still cries over global warming!” one anchor said, with countless others echoing those thoughts.

Any scientist will tell you that a wave of cold weather is not indicative of there being no such thing as global warming, and it could, in fact, be a side effect from it. That’s why this issue filed Stewart up with so much anger it didn’t know where to go. Here’s how he described the feeling:

“Right now there are parts of my body that are getting angry that I didn’t even know could. I’m not going to tell you which part— it’s my balls. Right now, I have angry balls.”

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