30 most scorching Jon Stewart takedowns of Republicans

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27. Stewart rips conservative media for clueless Baltimore coverage

In early 2015, Baltimore was another hot topic in the press. The questionable death of Freddie Gray, a young black man in the city who died with unusual spinal cord injuries while in police custody, caused a lot of unrest in the nation. Many Baltimore residents vented out their frustrations with the police department with destructive acts, like rioting and looting, which wasn’t right— but it wasn’t anything new.

If you were to believe some conservatives, however, the fallout of this tragedy was a surprise. Dismissing why people were protesting in the first place, the focus was mostly on how these troublemakers were suddenly disrupting a normally peaceful city with no real provocation, which still didn’t address the issue of how racial tensions are still thriving in today’s society.

Ignoring what causes these problems in the first place will never solve them, and on The Daily Show, Stewart sarcastically suggested:

“We could agree to keep ignoring the roots of how systemically, historically disenfranchised many African-American communities still are, only paying attention to them when we fear their periodic fiery ball of anger threatens to enter our airspace, like some kind of Alex Haley’s comet. And once again breathing a blissful sigh of forgetful relief when it’s another near-miss.”

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