30 most scorching Jon Stewart takedowns of Republicans

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15. Stewart blasts Congress over Colbert criticism

In 2010, host of The Colbert Report Stephen Colbert submitted testimony to a judiciary subcommittee on the issue of immigration and migrant farm workers. He then had the opportunity to speak to Congress himself on the issue, but as you’d expect, he slipped into character when it was his time to talk, in an effort to better prove his points in a comedic fashion.

Obviously, Congress was not amused. Following the panel, several political personalities went on television to criticize the entire situation. Some would say that bringing a comedian to D.C. was a waste of everyone’s time, that it was a slap in the face to Americans. Someone even said that this incident was even more embarrassing for Colbert than it was for Congress, which opened the door for Jon Stewart to offer this rebuttal on The Daily Show:

“Of course Colbert is more embarrassed than the House of Representatives. Colbert still has dignity and integrity left to lose. You can’t embarrass Congress, how could you? You can’t embarrass the House of Representatives; they’re the Andy Dick of our government. Except when you make out with Andy Dick, he’s not the one worried about cold sores.”

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