30 most scorching Jon Stewart takedowns of Republicans

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16. Mike Huckabee’s stupidity leaves Stewart speechless

One thing about Jon Stewart is that he always seems to have a comeback. The quick-witted comedian can usually fire back pretty hard any time someone takes him on, or when he sees something going on in the political landscape he needs to address. It’s unusual for there to be something that will leave the former host of The Daily Show speechless.

But that’s what Mike Huckabee was able to do with some horrible remarks about President Obama. Huckabee compared the controversial nuclear Iran deal to the holocaust, saying that Obama would literally take Israelis and “march them to the door of the oven”. On The Daily Show, Stewart would play the audio clip for everyone in the audience to hear.

Following the audio, Stewart could only glare directly into the camera. Miming a struggle to even get a word out, Stewart just squirms, only able to produce a shriek. Indeed, the comment was so terrible that there wasn’t much you could even do to make it worse, and even Huckabee’s Republican allies would later admonish him for these remarks.

While Stewart could have undoubtedly came up with some sort of rant against Huckabee, his silence in this case spoke louder than words.

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